Pro-Pest Bed Bug Monitor Pro Bulk Box 36/PK 4/BX 060-144B

Sold as: BOX UOM: BX
Pro-Pest Bedbug monitors can quickly detect the presence of bedbugs. Our special bedbug attractant is made from aggregation semio-chemicals that mimic the scent of human skin... a scent bedbugs simply can’t resist. Place monitors between the mattress & box spring at all 4 corners of the bed and along baseboards next to bed. Check monitors often. If bedbugs are present, dispose of monitor immediately to prevent spread of insects.
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Sold As: BOX
Manufacturer: J F OAKES
Uom: BX
Target Pests: Bed Bugs
ID: 789405
Target Sites: Commercial Structures (Indoors), Residential Structures (Indoors)
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