Sold as: PAIL UOM: PL
Generation® is a single-feed anticoagulant specially formulated to be highly palatable to rats and mice. The active ingredient, difethialone, is formulated at 25 PPM, making Generation an excellent indoor rodent control tool. Generation mini blocks have the taste rodents can’t resist. They are the best mini block available. Mice and rats like the food grade grains and flavorings and whole seeds. Generation mini blocks are manufactured with rodent gnawing edges and a center hole for securing in a bait station that prevents rodents from translocating blocks to sensitive areas. For indoor use only.
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Sold As: PAIL
Active Ingredient: difethialone
Manufacturer: LIPHATECH
Uom: PL
Target Pests: House Mouse, Norway Rat, Roof Rat
ID: 781699
Target Sites: Commercial Structures (Indoors), Commericial Exteriors and Landscapes, Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants, Residential Structures (Indoors)
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