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The Surge Protector Bed Bug Trap is the only power bar that doubles as a bed bug detection trap. Blending seamlessly into home decor by doubling as a 6 outlet power bar and surge protector, this trap allows for discreet yet effective bed bug monitoring. This trap can be used in a variety of places including, but not limited to, hotels, hostels, bed & breakfasts, and in and around your home.
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Package Size: EACH
Manufacturer: BEAPCO
Uom: EA
ID: 789862
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Proven to catch 9x MORE BED BUGS than traditional bed beg glue traps!

How it works:

1. Open Surge Protector by pressing the front facing button. Lift up.

2. Peel off protective paper on glue strip before use.

3. Close trap and plug into wall.

4. Turn Surge Protector On.

5. The built-in heat source and "human scent" lure will attract bed bugs to then climb into the trap where they will become trapped on the replaceable glue cartridges.

6. Monitor the trap frequently for bed bugs and replace the glue cartridge after 90 days or when bed bugs are trapped.

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