Package Size: BOTTLE UOM: BT
An insecticide for the control of a wide range of crawling insect pests and specific flying insects in and around houses and apartments. Provides rapid kill of ants, cockroaches, flies, brown dog ticks, gnats, silverfish, clover mites, hornets, sowbugs, crickets, millipedes, spiders, earwigs, mosquitoes, wasps, fleas, sawtoothed grain beetles and many more!
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Package Size: BOTTLE
Manufacturer: UR-CAN INC.
Uom: BT
Target Pests: Ants, Baldfaced Hornet, Brown Dog Tick, Clover Mite, Cockroaches, Crickets, Desert Millipede, Earwigs, European Hornet, Fungus Gnats, Grain Beetles, Greenhouse Millipede, Millipedes, Millipedes & Centipedes, Sawtoothed Grain Beetle, Scoliid Wasps, Silverf
ID: 799439
Target Sites: Animal and Animal Care Facilities, Commercial Structures (Indoors), Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants, Food Serving Establishments, Industrial Sites, Residential Areas, Residential Exteriors and Landscapes, Residential Structures (Indoors)
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