Beapco Commercial 6 Hour Quick Response Kit (20/CS) 10040

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SAVE TIME, MONEY, AND YOUR SLEEP The Professional Quick-Response Bed Bug Detection Kit mimics a sleeping body to detect bed bugs quickly and effectively. Use this kit to monitor early stages of bed bug infestations or to verify the effectiveness of your heat or spray treatments. Lasting 6 hours, this trap is proven effective for overnight bed bug monitoring.
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Sold As: Kit
Manufacturer: Beapco
ID: 789978
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How it works: 

1. Add water to the activator, filling the bottle up to the 40ml line.

2.Shake the activator bottle until the activator is diluted (approx 15 seconds)

3. Fill the Carbon Dioxide Generator with with water up to the fill line and close the lid.

4. Open the detection trap and ensure that there is a replaceable glue cartridge within it. Remove the  paper lining from the glue strip and close the trap.

5. Attach the Carbon Dioxide Generator to the side of the detection trap

6. Remove the heat pad from its packaging and clip it onto the top of the detection trap

7. Place the trap in your desired location and leave it for 6+ hours

8. Check the trap for bed bugs. If bed bugs are present dispose of the glue cartridge and replace with a new one (for reuse of detection trap).


Note: When using the carbon dioxide and heat, the trap should only place on top of furniture – Only the passive traps should be placed between box spring and mattress.

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