Invade Hot Spot+ Bio Sanitation Foam 19OZ (12/CS) IHSF019-12

Sold as: CAN UOM: CN
InVade™ Hot Spot+™ is a powerful, 4-way action foam. Naturally based odor trapping technology begins neutralizing odors immediately. Fast-acting enzymes and premium microbes digest organic build-up and eliminate odors at the source. Natural citrus oil provides extra cleaning power and a fresh scent. Remember that organic build-up does not just occur in drains but can happen in any area where moisture and food waste may collect. Apply Hot Spot+ in cracks, crevices, drains and other areas with organic debris, including beverage fountain drip trays, on beverage line bundles, along and behind peeling away baseboards, under ice machines and in voids around dishwashers, walk-in coolers and tray conveyors.
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Sold As: CAN
Manufacturer: ROCKWELL LABS
Uom: CN
ID: 847293
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  • 4-Way Action with Fast-Acting Enzymes, Premium Microbes, Powerful Citrus Oil, and Odor Neutralization Technology
  • Premium, Naturally Occurring Microbes Activate on Contact with Organic Debris. The premium microbes activate within 20 minutes of contacting their food source, the organic debris, and double every 20 minutes after that.
  • Natural Citrus Oil Provides Extra Cleaning Power and a Fresh Scent.
  • Odor Neutralization Technology Goes to Work Immediately Trapping Odor Molecules.
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