Clean-Out 4X4L

Sold as: CASE UOM: CS
With CLEAN-OUT residues are put into suspension and rinsed away with no re-deposition of the herbicides.Latest technology in spray systems cleaning, made specifically for today’s chemicals.Highly concentrated liquid tank cleaner. Starts to work immediately with dilution rates up to 400 to 1. Penetrates and solubilizes residues in tanks, hoses and pumps, entrapping them and enabling them to be rinsed away.Formulated to counteract the detrimental effects of minerals commonly found in hard water. Neutralizes acid residues.Contains anti-re-deposition agents to help block contaminants from re-adhering to spray system surfaces. This is important with specific chemicals that cannot be neutralized.
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Sold As: CASE
Manufacturer: NORAC CONCEPTS
Uom: CS
ID: 036122
Target Sites: Rights-of-Way (Roadside, Utility, Railway, Pipeline)
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