Navius Flex 8X1.361KG

Sold as: CASE UOM: CS
Navius FLEX is a new formulation for vegetation managers who need a dependable, all-in-one, easy-to-use weed and brush control product for oil and gas sites, roadsides, and electrical railway rights-of-way. Navius FLEX delivers extended, broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds and encroaching brush so managers can extend the time between applications, and increase the productivity of their spray program resulting in time and cost savings.
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Sold As: CASE
Active Ingredient: aminocyclopyrachlor, Metsulfuron-methyl
Manufacturer: ENVU
Uom: CS
ID: 804074
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Attributes of Navius FLEX

  • Warm, moist conditions following treatment promotes activity of Navius FLEX
  • Length of control is dependent on rate, condition, growth stage of target weeds, and environmental conditions during and after application
  • Long-term weed and brush control occurs when grasses and other desired vegetation are allowed to recover from adverse environmental conditions and compete with undesirable brush or weeds
  • No grazing or haying restrictions
  • Convenient and easy-to-use packaging
  • Low-odour, dry formulation mixes easily and remains in suspension
  • Rain-fast at 4 hours after application


Solutions for Tough Weeds and Brush

  • Superior broad-spectrum control of over 43 weed species, including undesirable brush/woody plants in non-crop areas
  • Promotes the grass understory and helps preserve desirable vegetation
  • Two modes of action for effective resistance management
  • Quickly taken up by the leaves, stems and roots of plants
  • Low use rates per hectare for reduced chemical load on the environment
  • Grazing animals do not have to be moved off the pasture or rangeland before, during or after applying Navius FLEX
  • Brush and broadleaf weed control with one product
  • 200L water volume for broadleaf weed control
  • Controls noxious and invasive weeds as part of land management plans
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