Altriset 1L (6/CS)

Sold as: jug UOM: JG
Altriset™ Termiticide eliminates subterranean termites when used in accordance with the label. Altriset is intended for use as a remedial and/or preventive subterranean termite control product in both pre- and post-construction situations. Effective and long-lasting with an excellent environmental profile, Altriset® termiticide is the latest innovation in liquid termiticide chemistry that is changing the face of termite control one home at a time.
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Sold As: jug
Manufacturer: SYNGENTA
Uom: JG
Target Pests: Subterranean Termites
ID: 789827
Target Sites: Commercial Structures (Indoors), Commericial Exteriors and Landscapes, Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants, Forest and Woodland Management Areas, Industrial Sites, Residential Exteriors and Landscapes
Label SDS
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Key Features

  • Features a non-repellent formulation that stops feeding within hours of exposure; termites’ mouthparts become paralyzed shortly after contacting treated soil, and damage ceases soon after

  • Its delayed toxicity means exposed termites that have stopped feeding can still walk, groom and aggregate in groups for an extended period of time, increasing the chances for Altriset to spread among colony members

  • Provides timely control that lasts -- laboratory observations showed that when non-exposed (recipients) termite workers of R. hesperus were put together with exposed termites (donors), 100 percent mortality of both exposed and unexposed groups was observed within seven days

  • Has a low impact on non-target beneficial organisms, such as honey bees and earthworms, when used in accordance with the label

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